Kobe Club - Weekly ABC Menu
Bi-Weekly ABC Menu



The "Kitano Terrace" Dining Room changes its menu on Thursday every other week. It will be changed on the 1st and 16th of every month as of this September.

Served with Soup, Small Salad or Vanilla Ice Cream, Coffee or Tea

For only Y210 additional we will serve you Today's Small Dessert

A. Winter Vegetables and TOFU Gratin
with Soy Milk and MISO Sauce, YUZU Flavor

 ¥ 1,480

B. Turkey Breast, Cordon Blue Style

¥ 1,730

C. Oven Baked Sea bream and Oyster
served with SHUNGIKU and Mushroom Risotto

¥ 1,730

D. Pasta  Choice of 


1.  Peperoncino with Mushroom and Vegetables

2.  Spaghetti with Stewed Pork Spare Ribs
with Marmalade

3.  Spaghetti with Crab and Clams


Regular (Pasta 80g)    ¥ 1,480

Large  (Pasta 100g)    ¥1,480

Ladies’ Lunch (11:30 - 14:30pm) - ¥2,700


  Today’s Soup

  Choice of:

  Chicken Leg
  Today’s White Fish


   Coffee or Tea