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Events : Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt
Posted by Shekhar Shah on 2018/5/11 2:40:38 (241 reads)

Sunday, April 1st

Easter aligns with the start of spring and somehow induces a happy bouncy feeling! It was a gorgeous Spring day at this years Easter Brunch.

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General Committee : Message from the President
Posted by Peter Phillips on 2018/5/11 2:40:00 (221 reads)

Even after many years in Japan, Spring still brings many surprises. After a long and especially cold Winter the days have grown longer, brighter, and warmer. Now the grounds of the club are in full bloom. But the March General Assembly and first Board meeting brought me an even bigger surprise. It was certainly an honor to be chosen to be President of the Kobe Club. Having served on the Board under our previous President, Nathan Bryan, I am keenly aware of the responsibility and effort required to perform this role. With this in mind, I look forward to the support of the Board members,

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Events : Cheese Raclette "Aficionado"
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/4/6 5:40:00 (270 reads)

Sunday, February 4th

On Sunday, February 4th, 37 Kobe Club Members enjoyed the 9th annual Raclette night, an oishii night of hot melted cheese and potatoes, along with starters of salad and salmon. As an American, married to a Dutch man, I was unfamiliar with this uniquely Swiss tradition. My husband and I had enjoyed cheese fondue many times before, including at home, but we had always dipped into the Swiss cheese with French baguette.

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Events : Flamenco Concert with famous guitarist ALBERTO LPEZ and Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/4/5 2:50:00 (231 reads)

Sunday, January 28th

Ola! ... 108 people had gathered at our Club to enjoy Flamenco that evokes enchantment, the music and mystery of Andalucia. For many of us, it was a startling discovery; a world with tales of passion, longing and loss.

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General Committee : Message from the President
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/4/5 2:20:00 (299 reads)

Dear Kobe Club Members,
By the time everyone is reading this, the weather should have finally gotten quite a bit warmer and the Sakura season should be in full bloom.

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