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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/9/8 5:10:00 (1242 reads)

Friday, July 8th

   It was Tapas Night at the Kobe club, and Chef Kamiki again rewarded us with his skill and artistry.  Chatter filled the Club and spirits were high as we all anticipated the treats to come.  It goes without saying, as always, the dishes were met with great success. With over 15 dishes to select from, it made for a true 'Tapas' night.
   Each of the dishes stood on their own merits and it is simply to difficult to select which one was better than the other.  They all were excellent and judging by the empty chafing dishes, everybody felt the same.
   To my mind these gatherings at the Club are reminiscent of the closing scenes from the movie 'Babbet's Feast'. The movie is 25 years old now but is still the foodie’s favorite movie. A 'must see' if you have a love of great food.   
   The Tapas, a fair amount of wine and other spirits were flowing, as was the conversation all made for another great gathering at the Kobe Club. The staff continues to maintain their highest standards and we all appreciate their efforts. Thank you all!

- Lawrence Scott

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