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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/11/23 1:50:00 (1462 reads)

Saturday, September 17th

   As per a tradition since 1952 (started by Mr. V. Souza), every year a friendly tournament is held between the oldest golf club in Japan “KOBE GOLF CLUB (KGC)” players verses “KOBE CLUB+KRAC (KK)“ players. This year in 2011, it was held on Saturday, Sept. 17th, marking the 60th tournament.
   I was very impressed by Mr. Takahata, the KGC President, who had a connection with the weather god and could arrange for a curtain of clouds, right in front of the tee-ground. The KK players could not assess anything (distance, layout and demography), as they seldom play at this vintage and challenging course. The caddies were clever, too, as they did not provide enough information to the guest players; after all, the home players are the income source for them.

  But to everyone’s surprise, the KK team was only 1.4 (KK:326.4-KGC:325) points behind the Home Team for 9 holes, thanks to Pavinder Sachdev (top player) and Aftab Yusuf  and many other good players on the KK team, who had to compensate for the Chaudharis. There were 17 players scheduled to play for each team, but only 15 players showed up for the KK and 16 for the KGC.
   But next year, the KK will bring the trophy home hoping one of our Ace player Fritz will play for us and not for the KGC; Kate and Rick will not stay home (babysitting), and presidents of the KC and KRAC will bribe the weather god to be on our side. We will win with several tens of strokes.
   Overall, it was an interesting game for many playing in fog and rain, and they complained when the game was called off after the 9th hole. If we played 18, we would have brought the trophy home as we were getting used to fog and rain.
   The game was followed by a very enjoyable dinner (thanks to our great Chef Kamiki and the management led by our talented manager Okabe). Fritz Leonhardt took the podium, and kept everyone entertained with humors. The trophy was presented to Mr. Takahata. This trophy was donated by Ana Maria Leonhardt as the original one given by her father Mr. Souza was lost.  
   It was followed by a warm welcoming speech by Mr. Takahata. Thanks go to Julian Burt for organizing prizes for the tournament as well as the bingo and making sure that everyone is a winner, and for the door prizes provided by Mrs. Okahashi, Mr. Ogura and Mr. Matsushita.
   We had approximately 40 members from both sides attending the dinner. I feel sorry for the ones who missed such an enjoyable event, and hope to see many more for dinner next year as it is a social gathering and non-players are welcomed to enjoy it, too.

-Vidhan Chaudhari

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