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General Committee : Message From The Board Of Trustees
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/12/16 2:40:00 (752 reads)

Dear Members,

   The heat of summer is  nally giving way to the much anticipated cooler weather of autumn. I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the pool or just lounging poolside during the long summer months. As usual the grounds looked wonderful, a real oasis in the middle of the city. For me, the lush greenery and colorful  owers of the Club are some of its most valuable and unique features. We really need to appreciate all the hard work and attention our staff, especially Ikeda-san, and Motoki-san give to keep it looking good. Our Club is a much richer and more enjoyable place when it is well maintained.

   In addition to the ground keeping, the Club building is also looked-after and
maintained by our tireless staff. And they certainly have a big job. The Kobe Club building was completed in 1955 and has endured more than sixty years and the Great Hanshin Earthquake. As can be expected, time has taken its toll on the structure. We need to do regular maintenance to keep the building structurally and functionally intact. And we also need to keep it looking good by making improvements.

   The Board is currently discussing plans to make the necessary repairs to and maintenance on the roof and AC systems. These areas are seldom thought about until something goes wrong. We would prefer to stay ahead by taking the necessary steps while we can instead of reacting when we are forced to. But these are big and expensive projects that require a lot of careful planning. We want to make sure the building is in good shape, comfortable and beautiful for all our members for many years to come.

   We are also considering other more cosmetic improvements and upgrades to the facilities. Some of you may have noticed that the carpeting in the Members Bar and the Dining Room was replaced in mid-September. We also replaced the well-worn furniture in the Members Bar late last month. Edi Herbst was kind enough to donate the material and his precious time to replace the leather cushioning on the bar counter. I hope everyone agrees that the bar is looking great.

   We have a long list of improvements we would like to make in the future as well. But we are constrained by our budget and must choose our projects wisely. Some of the ideas that have been suggested and discussed include making a golf driving range in the squash court, making a family room on the 1st floor, and refurbishing the gym and locker rooms. I am sure there are many other improvements our members would like to see. We would welcome all our members to make suggestions. Please let me, another Board member, or someone from the staff, know if you have any suggestions on how we can make our Club more attractive and suitable to all our needs.          - L. S. Peter Phillips

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