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General Committee : Message From The Board Of Trustees
Posted by Keiske Cho on 2016/12/16 3:20:00 (675 reads)

Dear Members,

   As we approach the end of the  scal year, your Board of Trustees begin preparing a number of documents for closing the year and starting the new one.

  The  nancial health of the Club is foremost on our minds, and on the income side the most important, stable, and reliable source is membership fees. Our goal has been and continues to be 10 new Members per year.

  In 2014, when we increased our entrance fee to the current ¥1.2 million (for Full Family) we had 7 new Members. This happily increased to 12 during 2015, more than meeting our goal, and this year we are poised to have 10. As there are Members resigning, the total membership numbers have not changed much, but the income from the entrance fee is significant.

  Of the 29 new Members who joined during the past three years, 22 were Japanese nationals and 7 foreign. We expect the attrition rate to decrease as our
Japanese Members would more or less be based here long-term or permanently.
I am often asked as to criteria for joining the Club. While there could be many, like standing in the community, cosmopolitan background and English ability, I would say that the foremost would be that the prospective applicant “add value to
the Club”.

  Once the Balloting Committee accepts an applicant as a candidate for
membership, a three-month balloting process kicks in during which the candidate is asked to attend New Members’ Nights – as you would remember when you joined. During the three months the candidate’s application card is posted up on the lobby notice board for all Members to see and to enable them to offer any input which they may wish to give to the Balloting Committee.
While the main purpose of the New Members’ Nights is for the Balloting Committee to meet the Candidates and vice versa, all Members are most welcome to attend and to meet them as well.

And so, I shall look forward to seeing you at the Club then.

- Keisuke Cho

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