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Posted by Iacopo Torrini on 2017/1/28 5:50:00 (729 reads)

Sunday, October 30th     

   We participated for the first time to the famed Halloween party at the Kobe Club. I showed up with a cowboy, a zombie and a showman (our 3 kids) and my wife not hiding her luciferine black wings. Ice breakers such as a kit for building a robot arm with chopsticks were available so the kids started to socialize with the other guests at our table.

    Then, announced by a yummy smell of corn dogs, the buffet opened and all sorts of spooky creatures lined up to have their share. There was Aladdin and Ultraman. Then, several Vampires, innocent princesses, witches, ghostbusters and cartoon characters escaped from their bi- dimensional world to try chef Kamiki’s delicious pizza and world-renowned avocado rolls.
    The games were moderated by Mrs. Ricaco Jepsen who despite her face full of scars devoted all her energies and enthusiasm to cheer up the kids. Spooky Draculas and cute mermaids were rolling pumpkins on the floor and switching ghost shaped cards in a breathtaking challenge with the opposite team.   
    Then I was enrolled for the trick or treat game. I wore my sharp teeth and put up my scariest grin but was blatantly overwhelmed by the fearful little ones who loaded their bags with industrial quantities of candies generously donated by Mr. &Mrs. Takeichi and Naoyo Kagawa.    
    With the excuse that I was going to write the article for the Spotlight, I visited the haunted house and I must say that it is much scarier than you think! It is like a maze: gloomy, narrow, full of spider webs, mysterious creatures, some toys and just interminable. I am sure that the Kobe club staff managed to find a passage to a different dimension as there is not space for such a long infernal cave in the club`s premises!   
    With a pale face and trembling legs I made it back to the ballroom and was warmed up by the cheerful screams of the kids engaged in the pinada. The climax was the dessert buffet with ice cream, homemade cookies and a little house made of chocolate and sweets. I had the chance to try the tastiest roof tiles I have ever eaten!
It was a lot of fun and the kids were simply over the moon!    
    A special thanks to the Kobe club staff and I am looking forward to join the party again next year! 
 - Iacopo Torrini

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