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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/1/28 20:10:00 (1149 reads)

Sunday, December 4th 

   This is our first time to join the Children’s Christmas Party at the Kobe Club. My children, Yuhua and Tao- Rong, and I were accompanied by three adult friends and five other children, forming a contingent of eleven persons.

  When we stepped into the Main Hall, we were struck by the beautiful decorations - the Christmas tree, and all the red ribbons and balloons. We noted the big couch on the center stage for Santa which would be the focus of the children’s attention when he makes his dramatic arrival. All of the dreams that children have at Christmas would be centered there.
  While waiting for the party to start, our girls used paper crafts and decorations to make their own hats. The MC Anita Ursula Mönch and her daughter Hanna came around to each table to teach and help the children and generally engaged them while they waited for the party to start. 
  The buffet lunch was superb. The children had nuggets, burgers, pizza, and french fries. As usual the Club prepared food that children love, and most returned for more than a second helping! 
   During the buffet, the children met with Santa and had their photographs taken with him. MC Anita called out each child’s name, first the girls and then the boys, and also by age groups. 
   The children were so excited to sit with Santa. Impatiently, they stood around the stage waiting their turn to be with him. It was a good idea that we had the opportunity to take family pictures on the stage with him as well. These would evoke excellent family Christmas memories. 
   As a mother of two children, I would like to thank MC Anita with her daughter Hanna. Their variety of ideas and attention helped the mothers enjoy the party as well. For example, the children’s buffet was held earlier than that for the adults; Anita and Hanna and the staff kept their eyes on the children at all times; etc... 
  Other than the Kobe Club, there are no places in Kobe that can hold such successful Children’s parties. Our guests have said that they would like to join the party again next year. They loved the food, the children’s environment, the staff participation, and the hospitality. We are happy that we were able to have such a wonderful Christmas experience with friends as well as with family. 
  Thanks again to the Club Staff, Anita, Hanna and of course Mr. Santa Claus.

 - Vivian Shumei Liu

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