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Posted by Koji Sakai on 2017/4/7 7:00:00 (767 reads)

  More than 1300 years ago in Asuka of Nara Prefecture, Japanese historical literature described “So” which was made from cow milk. We consider this “So” was the rst cheese.
However we Japanese stopped eating not only cheese but also beef for a long period due to religious taboos.

  150 years ago, we rediscovered cheese in Kobe and other ports that opened to the occidental world. 
     Since that time cheese culture was introduced to the Japanese lifestyle. 
  Now we can buy various kinds of cheese, such as Emmental, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, Camembert, etc.. I love pizza, cheese Fondu, and various kinds of pasta with cheese, and to drink wine together with the cheese. 
  But Mr. Müller and the Kobe Club made me understand that I know only a small portion of cheese culture. First of all, this was my rst experience to try the cheese raclette. Before that if I had found raclette-machine in the kitchen, I would not have been able to gure out how to use it. 
  We were able to enjoy a very impressive cross culture experience over the cheese raclette and wine. 
  Just like sushi and sake combine for a wonderful marriage, cheese and wine are a superb couple. 
  In addition to the nice “marriage”, the heartwarming atmosphere made me warm (the real room temperature was very warm too...). 
   We are very happy to have had such a multinational experience. I’d like to strongly recommend joining such a fun event based on worldwide traditional culture at Kobe Club. 
 - Koji Sakai

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