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General Committee : Message from the Board of Trustees
Posted by Martin Willweber on 2017/5/5 1:30:00 (934 reads)

 Dear Fellow Members,

 Our Annual General Assembly was successfully held on Sunday, March 26, 2017, and on behalf of the Board of Trustees I thank all who participated by attending and voting.
 Also on behalf of the Board I congratulate the new Trustees, Messrs. Childers, Scott, and Torrini, on their successful election, and also congratulate Mr. Herbert Bucher on his election as Inspector and thank him for having stood for Of ce once again.

 You will find in this Spotlight the results of the vote on the Resolutions put to the Assembly.
 Amendments to the Articles of Association require the approval of two-thirds of all Full Members (a far higher hurdle than for Bye-Law changes), and the proposed amendment to remove nationality restrictions on Trustees was not approved at the recent Annual General Assembly.
 Before our transition to Ippan Shadan Hojin (the name of our current legal status) in 2014, only foreign nationals could apply for Full Membership. In the earlier years the Membership of the Club consisted mainly of foreign nationals; and the total Membership numbers were higher, affording a steady pool of Full Members to select from whenever there was a vacancy on the Board.
 When a Trustee decided to step down, a discussion would ensue as to which Club Member would best fill the particular duties of the departing Trustee. Vacancies on the Board were filled not simply just to fill open slots but to perform particular duties. Candidates for Office were identified each with a particular Trustee’s portfolio in mind. That is how smooth transitions from Board to Board and their duties were maintained in the past.
 While our current Articles of Association have done away all nationality restrictions to become a Club Member, therefore now affording us a greatly enlarged pool of candidates for the Board, there remains however a restriction of three per nationality for the Trustees, namely Article 21 (2). This restriction ties our hands in selecting and recommending candidates for the Board. We should have a free hand to tap into the best expertise that we can find among our Members to serve as our Trustees, and this would be important food for thought as we proceed into the future.
 The extensive roof repair and air-conditioning system replacement are underway as I write. The Club premises were closed on two stretches for 7 days. Such closures are rare and hadn’t happened since 1998 when the Club was extensively renovated. The roof has constantly been a problem, and we had leaks here and there, more recently above the Vista/Gallery (again). The air-conditioning system was in need of constant overhaul and repairs, and a replacement from electricity to gas was deemed expedient and a cost-saver. These two areas were ticking time-bombs, and it would have not been acceptable for rain water to leak through the ceiling or the air-conditioning to give out in the middle of a major event, especially the cooling system breaking down during the hot summer months. The repair/replacement work should be completed by the end of May.
 After many years of hibernation, the Kobe Club Ski Trip was revived with a five-day outing to Furano in Hokkaido. Ketan Chaudari organized the trip, thank you Ketan, and four families participated.
 And recently on April 2 a Fashion Show - by the Members, for the Members – was held in the Main Bar with 50 Members and guests attending and with Teiko Wakamiya MC’ing (leave it to the pro). Events like these are what make the Club vibrant and unique.
 Off-premise outings may attract a following among our multi-national Members. One which comes to mind is Bunraku (Japanese puppet show), for which my recommended venue would be not the national bunraku theatre in Osaka, but the much smaller and informal theatre in Fukura, at the southern tip of Awaji Island. They give rather detailed close-up explanations of the puppets, the dug-out stage sections, and their show, something you would not get at the national theatre. And it’s far cheaper too. (http://awajiningyoza.com/)
 I have been informed that there is a small tea plantation in Aotani – the only tea plantation in Kobe I am told, where one can go harvest tea leaves, and the staff there would prepare and pack the leaves to take home for you to pour your own tea. The name of the plantation is Shizuka-en. I think this would be an interesting outing for all Members, regardless of nationality (how many of our Japanese Members have actually harvested their own tea?).

See you at the Club.

- Martin Willweber

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