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General Committee : Message from The Board of Trustees
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/7/8 4:00:00 (708 reads)

  Dear Fellow Members,  

Please call me iacopo: I am one of the 3 new Trustees that was elected in this spring’s AGA and have been appointed as the chair of the newly established committee for “Membership Promotion”.

  As you can imagine there is a lot that needs to be done to restore our beloved Club to the shine of the past and to lead it
through the challenges of the future.  Year 2017 should be remembered for the maintenance
works that nally gave us a reliable new roof and ef cient air-conditioning system after several years of planning and budgeting.
As they say, health comes rst: if there is no health everything else becomes meaningless.  
And now that our Club is “genki” again, it is time to dedicate to consolidate and expand the membership.  
As a social Club, “the people” is de nitely our most valuable asset and spending happy hours with friends is probably the main reason for which we all joined the Club in the rst place, isn’t it?  
The Kobe Club used to have over 800 Members in the 1980’s and is now below 300. The reasons are external to the Club itself, mostly demographic and the 1995 earthquake was obviously the single event that most impacted the membership. Many things changed since then and we are now an Association incorporated under the Japanese law and have an increasing number of Japanese Members.  
It will never be the same as in 1980 but the sun is shining on the sapphire tinted water of the pool and I think it is time to bring the Club back to the prestige of its highest.
It is not only the quantity of Members of course: I would like to work to increase the occasions of social exchange, the variety of entertainment and networking events, hence the perceived value and impact of the Club on our lives.  
There are 2 areas I intend to work on: the rst is to bring back to the Club Members that in recent years are not feeling enough appeal to participate in the events. The second is to reach to people who may be interested in becoming Members but just do not know about us: new Members bring in fresh energy, unique skills, interesting associates and may become your best friend!
  I have been taught to dream big and slice the dreams into
realistic and measurable “bite size” targets.  
My mind buzzed with dozens of ideas to be proposed for approval to the BoT. For instance: creating badges for making it easier to approach old and new Members without embarrassment. I thought of establishing “Visitor’s day” events to give the opportunity to non-members to savor the privilege and advantages of being a Member of the Kobe Club.
 I thought about creating a room where teenagers (who cannot hang out in the bar nor in the kids room) could get together. After all, they will be the ones taking care of the Kobe Club in a few years (times passes so quickly!)  
These implementations may improve the social life and create a virtuous circle bringing more passion, more quality events, more participation, more social interactions and happiness to the Club.  
But I had an afterthought: are these my own priorities or are they a shared wish list? What do the Members want to change and what do they want to preserve? What are the real problems? If we know what needs to be xed to make your experience in the Club more valuable, then we are half a way towards the solution!  
I love the Club, its quiet location and international atmosphere. But as you can imagine the Club could be even better: an irresistible, prestigious, fun, enviable, enriching place for our families and businesses. The sky is the only limit to how the Club can grow!  
This is the reason for which I will need your help: please let me know your hopes, ideas, and priorities: I am considering preparing a survey to empower you to be a part of the change at Kobe Club. A survey was conducted earlier in January 2017 and the new one will take into account the results while aiming at reaching out to every single Member. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.  
Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at ideas@TheKobe.Club for any advice and request you may have. I am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you at the Club!  


- iacopo torrini

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