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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/7/19 0:10:00 (532 reads)

Sunday, April 16th

   I grew up in the United States, and I look back fondly to my childhood and the holidays that we celebrated with friends and family. In particular, my favorite holidays were Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. And out of those three, I felt that Easter was the most lighthearted and child-friendly. I truly enjoyed running around with the other kids searching for Easter eggs hidden throughout the hill in our backyard.

  Even though I participated in Easter egg hunts every year, I never thought about the meaning of the eggs. It turns out that (thank you Wikipedia!) in Christianity, Easter eggs are a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hard shell represents the sealed tomb, and the cracking of the shell symbolizes Jesus’ rebirth. An understanding of this symbolism brings a deeper meaning to the candied treats that children nd in modern Easter eggs.
  Now, back to this year’s Kobe Club Easter event. We had an excellent turnout, with a total of 93 people in attendance. The main hall was lled with laughing children and smiling adults, and there was just enough room for the buffet tables and the game area. Chef Kamiki and the dining team prepared an amazing selection of dishes for both adults and children, and the Kobe Club staff did a fabulous job of organizing a variety of kids’ games that were fun for the wide range of age groups in attendance.
  Anita Mönch and her lovely daughter Hanna did a wonderful job as MCs for the event. Their multilingual ability to entertain the audience in not just English, but also in German and Japanese added an element of linguistic diversity and surely stimulated the children’s interest in learning new languages.
I would like to thank all of the attendees and Kobe Club staff, and I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Easter event!

- Thomas Childers

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