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Posted by Rick Brueggemann on 2017/9/6 22:30:00 (900 reads)

Saturday, July 29th

  If you’ve never been to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, the Country &Western Night held recently at the Club presented a great opportunity to bask in a version of American culture one seldom encounters these days. For a few hours on Saturday, July 29 the Club’s main hall was transformed by the sounds of country music in the traditional styles of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and a host of country and western legends, as well as by the sight of dancers in traditional dress gliding elegantly and in perfect unison across the oor.

  MC Fritz Leonhardt, himself an avid C&W fan, got things rolling by explaining the evening’s program and introducing the band. To provide energy for the knee- slapping and foot-stomping that was to follow, we were treated to a sumptuous buffet featuring lobster bisque served in espresso cups, crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, buffalo wings, Jambalaya and pulled pork, and ending with pecan pie and banana pudding. The versatility of Chef Kamiki and his staff seems to know no bounds.   The well-sated crowd was then treated to the sounds of Teruaki Fukuhara and his Cowboy Dreamers, a 7-man band complete with steel guitar, electric ddle and at mandolin. Many a senior citizen could be seen mouthing the lyrics of their old favorites or playing air- drums. The evening wound down with the band playing some old-time hits requested by the audience. In fact there were so many requests that Fukuhara-san promised to play the rest of them the next time he and his Cowboy Dreamers were invited back to our Club. I look forward to that day, as surely as the other 21 Members and 90 guests who thoroughly enjoyed the great food and entertainment.

- Rick Brueggemann

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