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Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2017/11/3 5:50:00 (543 reads)

Sunday, August 27th

  August 27th was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for the annual Clark Trophy Swimming Races and for the children to show how much their swimming skills have improved over the summer. It was a nice time to catch up with friends at the end of the season, enjoy food and drinks at the poolside and of course watch the races!

  Although there were not many children competing this year, all of them really did a fantastic job and displayed great skill in the breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke events. The crowd cheered them on for each and every race and the proud faces of the parents (and Grandparents) were on full display.
  There were many medals won for their wonderful competing, and this year’s Clark Trophy was won by Kai Brueggemann. He competed in every event and gave an amazing display in the medley, racing four laps, breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke, back to back. Fantastic display! The Outstanding Achievement Award was won by Isaac Bryan who used the swimming skills he honed at the pool this summer. A huge congratulations to both of you and all of the other winners!
  Elena Brueggemann not only did a fabulous job competing, but when she was not in the water, she was over on the mic helping to MC the races. At the end of the day, she told me that next year she would be doing the MC all on her own! I am sure that she will do a spectacular job, so another great reason to attend and enjoy the 2018 races!
  The Ice Cream Race as usual was enjoyed by all of the children, and the adults had a fairly good showing for the Beer Race. Imad has offered to be the Coach for the 2018 Beer Race Competition, so be sure to sign up and start your training with him early!
  I was again honored again to have everyone sing and wish me a Happy Birthday, it truly is wonderful to celebrate with our Kobe Club family. Thank you all so much.
  A big thank you is also deserved for the entire Kobe Club staff, who again put in a lot of time and energy planning and running another wonderful event.
  Although pool season is now over and the weather is getting quite cooler, I am sure that many people are already looking forward to and thinking about enjoying the pool again next year, and enjoying the friendly family competition that is our Clark Trophy Swimming Gala. I know I am. Looking forward to seeing you there!

- Nathan S. Bryan

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