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Posted by Herbert Bucher on 2017/11/3 5:59:44 (738 reads)

Saturday, September 26th

When the Swiss Consulate asked me to organize a Swiss Folk Music concert in the Kansai region, it was clear to me that the Kobe Club was the perfect venue for it. Despite the concert taking place on a weekday, 80 people signed up for the event.

   After introductory speeches by Philip Spaelti (Swiss Society) and Daniel Aviolat, it was Guschti Sidler’s show! Appropriately dressed in a traditional Swiss Yodeler’s clothes, he is knowledgeable about the Swiss Folk Music scene as can be. It was him who introduced Lisa Stoll, the alphorn “Wunderkind” who is visiting Japan for the rst time. She was accompanied by Keiko Ito, a famous yodeler, not only in Japan but also taking regularly part in yodeling contests in Switzerland. Her 2 fellow members of her AMSLE Quantett were Shunsuke Ohkuchi (accordion and piano) and Saeko Kurokawa (clarinet), who was born in Kobe.
The concert started with a virtuoso yodeling performance by Ito-san. Her tone scale is just amazing. Now everyone was excited to hear the rst tones from the Alphorn. Lisa, also known as the “Swiss Lady with the Alphorn” didn’t disappoint. She is able to coax sounds out of the 3.5m long ancient
instrument so clearly and effortlessly as only imaginable and plays the 18 different tones available (harmonic series) so eloquently like nobody else. It was a wonderful treat for our ears! Those who witnessed her playing “Amazing Grace” will agree with me. The spectrum of the music varied from traditional folk songs to medleys to jazz. Saeko Kurokawa thrilled the audience with her virtuoso clarinet performance of a traditional Japanese jazz song. Under Guschti’s instructions the audience swayed in all directions to the famous Swiss folk song “Es Buurebueebli”. We felt like in the midst of a Swiss folk festival. A wonderful

  A big “thank you” goes to the Kobe Club manager and her staff who transformed the ballroom into the perfect Swiss setting for the concert. Hopefully this was no the last one of its kind!

- Herbert Bucher

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