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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/2/3 0:40:00 (977 reads)

Sunday, December 3rd

 It was an unexpectedly warm day for early December. The Children’s Christmas Party was held at the Kobe Club, which is located at the top of the hill on Tor road.

 The party was a great success compared to the past years. Over 60 children and 123 Members and guests gathered for the party. The Club staff was busy greeting guests, preparing the party games and serving delicious food and wonderful drinks.
The Children’s Christmas Party at the Kobe Club has detailed arrangements throughout the party for children to enjoy. First were the pre-party crafts, which children can make before the party begins. This year’s craft was Santa Claus advent calendar. Girls, more than boys, were enthused to make the advent calendar. Children used glue, double-sided tapes, crayons and beads to create the calendar.
 The food for children had everything that children love. It included chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fried prawn and fries. Vegetarian menu was also available. The desert was gingerbread house and ice cream. Delightful arrangements to please the children are sprinkled throughout the party.
The party proceeded with superb MC by Anita Ursula Mönch, who has been the Member of the Club since 1985.
 The main event is taking photos with Santa. Children receive presents from Santa when they take photos with him. There are children that give Santa a big hug and there are the shy ones. How children respond to Santa is different. In the meantime, parents are busy photographing the children and the family.
 Introduction of Santa by the MC was heartwarming. Santa appeared before the crowd without his reindeers and the MC says he left them at Mt. Rokko. Apparently, it was too warm for the reindeers to come down to the Club. Santa was by Mr. Ken McCleave and he had a great role of taking photographs with 60 children.
 Club staff and parents entertain the children with games while they wait to take photos with Santa. The Club is always cozy and warm.
 Although the party is for the children, the buffet for adults at the Club always has high quality and is satisfying for adults as well. Crab ZUWAI on Cauli ower Velouté, Cream Cheese Bavarois with Raw Ham Powder, Smoked Salmon Roll Sandwich, Christmas Salad, Roasted Chicken with Gravy, Cajun Potato, Meat Lasagna, White Fish Fritter,Sausage Roll, Rice Noodle, and Assorted Cake; every menu made by Chef Kamiki is delicious.
 My family enjoyed our second Christmas party at the Kobe Club and this event is one of the best event amongst the family oriented events held at the Club. It is a must-participate-event for families with children under 10. I hope the Members, who weren’t able to participate this year, will join next year with guests. For our family, this annual event held early December is an event that marks the beginning of the holiday season. I strongly recommend all of you to join the Christmas event this year. It is the event, which both children and adults can enjoy the delicious food always served at the Club and to be able to see wonderful smiles on children’s faces. It is also great opportunity to take the best photo for the Christmas card.
- Shusaku Izumi

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