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Events : Music X History In Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Kobe Port Opening
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/2/3 0:50:00 (1070 reads)

Sunday, November 19th

  Dramatic Collaboration of Piano Music &Photographic Journey of Kobe’s History

 On 19 November, Members of the Kobe Club and guests were privileged to get an insight into some of the lives of the people who have toiled to build the Club and who have in turn had such an impact on the fabric of Kobe and Japan. The City of Kobe has been open to the world over 150 years since the opening of the Port of Kobe on 1 January 1868.

 Members joined together with representatives of the Kansai-based Consular Corps and representatives of Kobe City and Hyogo Prefecture for an afternoon program themed as “MUSIC x HISTORY”. The concept was to give a slide presentation of historical photos of the lives and activities of the Club’s forebears, and the lives of members of the consulates and other international organizations represented in Kobe. The presentation was accompanied by an exquisite piano performance.
 The institution of the Kobe Club, which was initially called the International Club, has been a key part of the fabric of Kobe society since it was founded in 1869 following the opening of the Kobe Port in 1868. And as an institution it has been the cornerstone of the international community as it has interacted with the people of Kobe and beyond through this extraordinary period of history, moving from the samurai era into the modern age.
 But despite the ne facilities and the physical buildings, an institution is only really the sum of the human members of the institution. The success of the Kobe Club as an institution is truly the product of the hard work and dedication of the people who have strived together over time to create a lasting community.
 In the first instance, congratulations must be given to current members Bill and Kei Foran whose drive and vision conceived of and delivered this wonderful celebration of the 150 years of the Kobe Port Opening.
 Patrons were treated to a fascinating collection of photographs projected onto the screen and accompanied by a beautiful piano recital by acclaimed pianist Ms. Minako Tsuruta. Keeping in the international context, Minako actually lives in Freiburg, Germany and travels back to Japan several times each year to give recitals.
 U.S. Consul-General Karen Kelley summed up the event on behalf of the attendees by commending the marriage of music to enhance our senses as we re ected on the images of the faces of all the people who have come before us as members of this international community.
 Consul-General Kelley said, “As I looked at the faces reflected on the screen, I couldn’t help but wonder about the dreams and aspirations and struggles that each of those people experienced as they preceded us as representatives of our nations and families in building this community.”
 Well done, Bill and Kei Foran and special thanks to Minako Tsuruta and others for giving us a wonderful afternoon. It marked a great celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the opening of Kobe Port and foreshadowed the upcoming 150th Anniversary of the Kansai Consular Corp in 2018 as well as the 150th Anniversary of the Kobe Club in 2019.

- David Lawson, Consul General of Australia

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