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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2018/4/5 2:50:00 (739 reads)

Sunday, January 28th

 Ola! ... 108 people had gathered at our Club to enjoy Flamenco that evokes enchantment, the music and mystery of Andalucia. For many of us, it was a startling discovery; a world with tales of passion, longing and loss.

 As Alberto López the main guitarist, accompanied by the second guitarist and the percussionist, opened the vault of the show, the singer sang in her throaty and sweet voice while the stylish dancer danced at his physical and emotional edge to which the audience was aroused with his every turn. We were worried the floor may fall through!
 Lovely Spanish dishes were presented by Chef Kamiki and the staff who did a fantastic job. Everyone wowed each time the dishes were placed on the table. Culinary entertainment certainly plays an important role.
The second part of the stage with more music of fire, cry of the soul mesmerized us and we all came together with finger clicking, hands clapping, feet stomping as the evening ended leaving us with a lingering feeling of satisfaction. No doubt, Mr. Rick Brueggemann was roused listening to the music of his lineage.
 We bow our heads to Mr. Daniel Aviolat and Ms. Montse Mari for the long and hard work they have put in to prepare and make the Flamenco performance at Kobe Club come true.
On behalf of everyone, thank you for arranging such a wonderful show.

- Junichi Sugihara

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