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General Committee : Message from the President
Posted by Peter Phillips on 2018/5/11 2:40:00 (801 reads)

Even after many years in Japan, Spring still brings many surprises. After a long and especially cold Winter the days have grown longer, brighter, and warmer. Now the grounds of the club are in full bloom. But the March General Assembly and first Board meeting brought me an even bigger surprise. It was certainly an honor to be chosen to be President of the Kobe Club. Having served on the Board under our previous President, Nathan Bryan, I am keenly aware of the responsibility and effort required to perform this role. With this in mind, I look forward to the support of the Board members,

 Inspectors, previous Executives, Senior members and staff to help make this Board and this year as successful as possible. I will also try to reach out to as many members as I can to get a better understanding of what the Club means to you.
 I believe while all members share some common ideas about the Club, we also all use the club in different ways and have a variety of expectations on how to make the Club better. It is my goal to try to identify and preserve all we have come to appreciate and love about the Club while also moving us forward to adapt to the times.
 In my work as Chairman of the Maintenance Committee the last two years, I learned a great deal about our building. Looking over old blueprints and documents taught me a lot about the history and culture of the Club. I discovered how it had adapted to changing times yet retained a clear identity. I took it as my goal to preserve the old building, its history, its essence, while also adapting it, and improving it to meet new needs and requirements. I believe this balance between the old and the new is vital to understanding what makes the Kobe Club so special.
 Without question I have come to learn the most about our Club by talking with and listening to our members and staff. We truly have an incredible and impressive group of people. I look forward to meeting more members and helping to create an environment that allows us to deepen and widen our relationships.
 The coming years will bring many new challenges and opportunities. I am especially looking forward to the Kobe Club’s 150th Anniversary in 2019. I hope this important event will help to bring the members together to celebrate our unique past and recon rm the Club’s importance to the history of Kobe. We should take this chance to reach out to the greater Kobe community, in business and in civic and cultural life as well. The Club and its members have been influential in creating the Kobe of today, and I believe we will be just as instrumental going forward.
 I look forward to seeing you all at the Club!

- L. S. Peter Phillips

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