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General Committee : Message from the Board of the Trustees
Posted by Ketan Chaudhari on 2018/7/29 5:40:00 (890 reads)

 This summer has come with lot of unusual surprises with the heavy rains and unusual high temperatures…..if anything Kobe Club is proving itself to be the perfect escape from it all. As an Oasis cradled on top of Tor Road, it is a place to escape from the heat and a chance to cool off with a plunge into our newly refurbished pool. We can also enjoy the ever consistent and delicious treats our staff have to offer and the BBQ. With that I hope we all have many encounters as well as opportunities to know each other better, as we Members too make the Club and not the facilities alone.

 My sincerest greetings to my fellow Members. I am humbled and honored to be the Club’s newly appointed Honorary Treasurer and Trustee.
 This year, in the Board of Trustees we have established a new Committee called the Activities Committee. Our mission is to provide our Members opportunities to participate in activities that help us to grow / learn and generally be non-stressful in nature. With the active participation of our Members and their families we shall have opportunities to learn and build memories together- which are the ingredient that I believe that will bring our Club Members closer together. We have plans to reintroduce activities like regular martial arts classes into the Club starting from September, to events such as rediscovering Kobe by enjoying a hike through its various trails across our mountain range, as well as white-water rafting excursions or another ski trip if Members are interested. The tradition of Golfing activities will also continue. The Activities Committee is an open forum and we are grateful for Members who would like to get involved and coordinate events as well.
 We are fortunate to have a very diverse pool and interesting mix of Members of various backgrounds, but yet it is hard for us to get over the hurdle of starting a conversation or to know each other. Also, there are Members who would like to see the Club do more, or would like to share their knowledge or coordinate activities that they believe other Members may enjoy. Let the Activities Committee be your platform! Historically the Club was a place for people of various background to get together and exchange ideas and that is what made the Club valuable as well.
 Two years ago, I had an opportunity to participate in a Kobe Club ski trip. I hardly knew the names of some of the Members whom I had gone with on that trip or had much of a chance to speak to them at the Club. But that trip changed all that, the wall was torn down, we learned more about each other and build friendship and mutual trust and respect. Perks included learning more about facial hair grooming techniques.
 This leads to my second point now as your Treasurer: what increases the value of our Club, is the use of your Club. Even by some circumstance you are not able to participate in Activities or Events, please do not let it hinder you from getting to know your Club better.  By this I do not mean use of its facilities alone or trying out the magic that our Chef Kamiki-san conjures in the kitchen- What I mean is, get to know each other better. I have heard people say that they feel they do not have ample opportunity to meet people at the Club.  They sometimes find themselves alone at the Club. Do not let this hinder you….all it takes is a phone call to your fellow Member. Our Club does a great job of updating our phone directory, and although we must maintain discretion on whom / why we call someone, the Club itself is a fraternity of sort, and we should take the opportunity to get to know each other better….provided under the watchful service of our Club Restaurant / Bar staff. Looking forward to phone calls and ideas that you all throw at us, your BOT.  

Humbly Yours,
- Ketan Chaudhari

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