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Events : Christmas Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/1/29 16:42:46 (198 reads)

Sunday, December 25th

 This year’s Christmas Dinner on December 25th was attended by 46 people. Before getting on to the gastronomic delights of the evening I would like to make special mention of the beautifully decorated restaurant. Jimmy and his team had obviously put in an enormous amount of time and effort to create a warm and intimate setting for this special Christmas dinner.

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Events : Scandinavian Christmas Smӧrgåsbord Dinner
Posted by Sue Herbert Uchida on 2017/1/29 14:45:15 (158 reads)

Saturday, December 10th 

  December Smorgasbord is a long-standing Kobe Club tradition and has changed somewhat over the years, but the two bottom-line essentials have always been herring and aquavit. True to form, both were there to be savoured when 49 of us gathered on 10 December to meet friends and enjoy a delicious Scandinavian spread in the run-up to Christmas. Aquavit aficionados appreciated a choice of four (“One more than last year!”), from Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. An adhoc, unreliable survey put the Norwegian top, followed by the one from Denmark.

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For Members : Message From Our Members
Posted by Sue Herbert Uchida on 2017/1/29 13:00:00 (0 reads)

Mourning our Lost Himalayan Cedar

  Driving up Tor Road, Kobe’s girdle of mountain greenery seems to start at the very gates of the Club. Get closer and you find a clear boundary marked by the enormous cedar trees standing sentinel above the Club’s perimeter wall. Our Himalayan cedars are thought to be nearly 200 years old, their origins unknown. The Kobe Club acquired the present site over 60 years ago, after the Tor Hotel, built
here in 1907, burnt down. Early photos of the hotel show the trees flourishing.

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For Members : Message From Our Members
Posted by Norbert Kray on 2017/1/29 12:30:00 (0 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,

  In autumn 2014 I came to Kobe and took over a new challenge in my company. Without having any Japanese language skills, I started to take lessons soon after my arrival. My teacher, Kanazawa san, was also the one who introduced me to the Kobe Club in spring 2015. I was amazed by the premises, especially the beautiful garden which is a class of its own in Kobe, like a little oasis. For sure I saw that some furniture was worn out and needed replacement soon. Thanks to your votes I became trustee earlier this year and was more than happy to see that we concluded to renovate the Bar and Dining Room, next to our Members the heart of the Kobe Club, from my point of view. Now, the Bar and Dining room are the jewel of the Club.

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Events : Children's Christmas Party
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/1/29 12:10:00 (147 reads)

Sunday, December 4th 

   This is our first time to join the Children’s Christmas Party at the Kobe Club. My children, Yuhua and Tao- Rong, and I were accompanied by three adult friends and five other children, forming a contingent of eleven persons.

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