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General Committee : Message from the Board of Trustees
Posted by Martin Willweber on 2017/5/5 17:30:00 (148 reads)

 Dear Fellow Members,

 Our Annual General Assembly was successfully held on Sunday, March 26, 2017, and on behalf of the Board of Trustees I thank all who participated by attending and voting.
 Also on behalf of the Board I congratulate the new Trustees, Messrs. Childers, Scott, and Torrini, on their successful election, and also congratulate Mr. Herbert Bucher on his election as Inspector and thank him for having stood for Of ce once again.

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Events : Kobe Club Ski Trip 2017
Posted by Ketan Chaudhari on 2017/5/4 21:50:00 (103 reads)

Friday - Tuesday, March 17th - 21st

  After 8 years Kobe Club has revived its annual ski trip this year to Furano, Hokkaido on March 17th to 21st. In planning any skiing trip, the greatest challenge for the Club is getting participation and nature’s blessing of good snow on the slopes. Fortunately, we were blessed with excellent weather and great company.

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Events : Kobe Club Spring / Summer Collection Fashion Show with Champagne Brunch
Posted by Peter Mallett on 2017/5/4 21:30:00 (107 reads)

Sunday, April 2nd 

 Move over, Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell, you’re out of a job. Who needs Heidi Klum when you have Hanna Martina Moriguchi,
Eva Spanring-Forster, Yoshiko Fujita, Ayami Kobayashi, Naoyo Kagawa, Sumie Bucher, Naomi Hikasa and Kavita Shah?

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Events : Cheese Raclette " Aficionado"
Posted by Koji Sakai on 2017/4/7 23:00:00 (205 reads)

  More than 1300 years ago in Asuka of Nara Prefecture, Japanese historical literature described “So” which was made from cow milk. We consider this “So” was the rst cheese.
However we Japanese stopped eating not only cheese but also beef for a long period due to religious taboos.

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President : Message From The President
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2017/4/2 23:00:00 (96 reads)

   Dear Kobe Club Members,

By the time this is being read Spring should be upon us and the Cherry Blossom Season just around the corner. Spring, a time for renewal and rebirth.

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