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For Members : Message from the Board of Trustee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 22:35:48 (0 reads)

† It was dark and stormy night, when the staff on the morning after found a chunk of broken off rain gutter from the roof above the Terrace. The piece, about 15kg, was of an interesting construction, concrete reinforced by steel wire mesh, one can wonder how this could happen, it has only been fitted there for about 57 years with no or very little maintenance.

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Events : Pool Opening B.B.Q. & Fun!
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 22:22:38 (196 reads)

Sunday, June 8th

† Pool Opening was blessed with sunshine and many friendly faces. Having over 60 people in pool area was quite exciting. Chef Kamiki and his team had prepared a spectacular pool side BBQ menu, myself had three helpings. The Bar team also had summer special cocktails (non-alcoholic too) and they were good, I am sure these are available thru summer so please try them on your next visit to the pool. This year, other swimming we had fun games in pool area. Super Ball SUKUI , Sponge Throw, Ring Throw. The Sponge Throw went quite wild. Children got to throw wet sponges to hit the Kobe Club President and other BOT members. This was soon realized by the wives of BOTs and they took over the children's spot.

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Dining : Asparagus Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 22:19:08 (118 reads)

Friday, May 9th

† Asparagus, a member of the lily family, has delighted many a royal palate since the Middle Ages. Louis XVI liked it so much that he called it the "King of Vegetables".
† Chef Kamiki and his team have excelled again with the Asparagus Dinner tradition that was started by late President Rainer Weiland. This year, select premium asparagus from Peru and Kagawa (north east corner of Shikoku) were the highlights of a 7-course meal that was delicate yet rich and delicious!

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Events : Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 22:13:56 (115 reads)

Sunday, April 20th

† Although it was a bit chilly and a cloudy day, the leaves of the KC garden were shining beautifully. Children and families totaling about 130 people, gathered to celebrate Easter. The venue was full of the energy from children enjoying themselves in the fresh spring air.
† The event was started by Mr. Bryan's (this eventís organizer) "Origami class", and we enjoyed making various Origami flowers with colorful paper.

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Events : Patricia Pagny Dinner Concert
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 22:10:00 (131 reads)

Friday, April 11th

† Many in the audience in the Ball Room for Patricia Pagnyís third performance at the Kobe Club were anticipating again enjoying the technical mastery and emotional expressiveness of her piano playing.†

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