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Events : Christmas Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/3/3 19:21:41 (183 reads)

Saturday, December 20th
  This year was our fourth Christmas Dinner at the Kobe Club and as usual the evening was excellent. Starting in the bar, we soon got into the Christmas spirit meeting with friends and acquaintances and building up our bar tab. This is one of the reasons we enjoy the club so much. You can join any of the events, even as a couple and you are soon surrounded by friends with whom it is a pleasure to share a drink. It was looking to be a long night!!
  After attending so many dinners at the club over the last 4 years I’m always amazed that on each occasion Chef Kamiki-san manages to raise the bar yet again. Two dishes stood out in my view, the ‘Sautéed Foie Gras rolled Conger Eel” and the “Roast Milk-Fed Veal”. Each one a masterpiece.  Accompanied by excellent wines the meal was perfect.

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Events : New Members’ Night & Scandinavian Christmas Smӧrgåsbord Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/3/3 19:16:00 (129 reads)

Friday, December 12th

  This Kobe Club annual tradition became again a great success.
  I am sure, no Scandinavian Chef could improve on what our own Chef Kamiki ad his staff had prepared for us this night and I wholeheartedly endorse what Rick Bruggemann said : “If there would be a Noble Price for cooking, Chef Kamiki would definitely qualify”.

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Events : Children’s Christmas Party
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/3/3 16:15:34 (120 reads)

Sunday, December 7th, 2014
  A few days before Christmas, decorations were hung throughout the Kobe Club Main Hall, and the Christmas tree stood tall! Once again, on December 7th, we all gathered at the Club to begin the season of Festivity. The Main Hall was packed with excited children and adults.
  The afternoon began with a delightful lunch prepared by Chef Kamiki and his staff, and as usual, it was scrumptious. Not only the food, but also the activities on the table kept us busy for the first hour. Everyone, including a lot of the parents, were engrossed in making a simple, yet creative wreath. Following that, we had the origami Santa Bear to make, which with careful instructions, turned out to be quite a masterpiece.

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Events : Children's Halloween Party
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/1/18 15:51:19 (246 reads)

Sunday, October 26th

  It was a beautiful sunny day, not the best day for a vampire to be outside… but a wonderful day to have a Halloween party at the Kobe Club!
  To create the perfect spooky atmosphere, the interior of the club and ballroom had the lights dimmed and curtains closed, which was my type of lighting, and they did a fabulous effort on the wonderful decorations. The scene was set for a fabulous party.

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Events : Kobe Club Golf Tournament
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/1/18 15:47:01 (222 reads)

Saturday, October 18th

  On Saturday the 18th of October, 10 Kobe Club members assembled at Kobe Golf Club to compete for the Okahashi Cup (for ladies) and the Holstein Cup.
  It was the perfect day for playing golf, and we enjoyed the play and beautiful panoramic view from the top of the Rokko Mountains.

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