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Events : Patricia Pagny Dinner Concert, ‘Tempestoso’
Posted by Peter Mallett on 2016/12/29 16:58:58 (80 reads)

Friday, October 21st

  It is 17 years since I presented French pianist Patricia Pagny’s Japan debut in Osaka. On 21st October at the Kobe Club on Patricia’s latest Japan concert tour, four members of the audience of that first recital were again in the audience. They have been at all the concerts in between. This says something about the loyalty Patricia’s performances inspire. Patricia has also built up a fan base at the Kobe Club where she has now performed four times – many of the Club members at this concert had been to her previous recitals.

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General Committee : Message From The Board Of Trustees
Posted by Keiske Cho on 2016/12/16 19:20:00 (109 reads)

Dear Members,

   As we approach the end of the  scal year, your Board of Trustees begin preparing a number of documents for closing the year and starting the new one.

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General Committee : Message From The Board Of Trustees
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/12/16 18:40:00 (120 reads)

Dear Members,

   The heat of summer is  nally giving way to the much anticipated cooler weather of autumn. I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy swimming in the pool or just lounging poolside during the long summer months. As usual the grounds looked wonderful, a real oasis in the middle of the city. For me, the lush greenery and colorful  owers of the Club are some of its most valuable and unique features. We really need to appreciate all the hard work and attention our staff, especially Ikeda-san, and Motoki-san give to keep it looking good. Our Club is a much richer and more enjoyable place when it is well maintained.

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Events : Clark Trophy Swimming Gala
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/12/16 18:10:00 (87 reads)

Sunday, August 28th
    The annual Clark Trophy swimming competition was held at The Kobe Club pool on Sunday August 30. Fortunately for all participants, the weather held up despite forecasts for rain. In fact, the somewhat overcast weather was a lovely respite from the previous few weeks of relentless heat and sunny skies! The pool was the perfect temperature and the kids were bubbling (quite literally) with excitement!!

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President : Massage From The President
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2016/9/14 12:10:00 (179 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,
  Whether it was enjoying our wonderful Kobe Club pool, traveling around Japan, visiting other countries, or just relaxing at home, I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable, relaxing and recharging summer. Welcome back!

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