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Events : Holstein Cup & Mrs. Okahashi Ladies Cup
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/7/10 19:50:00 (245 reads)

 Saturday, May 28th

   The 2016 Holstein Cup &Mrs. Okahashi Ladies Cup were held on 28th May 2016. The weather on Mt. Rokko that day was sort of mixed, mostly cloudy with an occasional light drizzle. Some tee shots had to be aimed into clouds. Golfer who had to search for their balls in the rough quickly ended up with wet soaked trousers and shoes. It was nevertheless a fun event with a joyful celebration of the happy winners at the dinner party.

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President : Message from the President
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/5/1 19:51:29 (194 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,

  As many previous presidents have surely felt and said, having the honor of being selected to become your president was never something I thought would happen. When I joined the Club, it was just to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, have a delicious meal and look out over the beautiful gardens while enjoying a drink with friends.
  Actually one could say that having a drink together at the Kobe Club bar was the first date with my then wife to be. We had a wedding reception at the Club and then started a family. Our boys are growing up knowing the Club, enjoying the pool in the summer, and attending the wonderful kids events throughout the year. As I am sure it has been for many people in the area, the Kobe Club has always been and continues to be an important part of our lives.

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Events : Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/4/29 20:19:00 (450 reads)

Sunday, March 27th

  What is the recipe for a successful Easter Party?
  A hall full of excited parents and children. An energetic pink bunny bustling around the room. Plenty of fun activities and games for everyone! Beautiful and detailed Easter-themed decor. Haute cuisine meticulously prepared by Chef Kamiki. A smile on every single guest’s face! That was this year's Easter party!

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Events : St. Valentine's Day Brunch
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/4/2 18:14:01 (471 reads)

Sunday, February 14th

  On a warm and bright spring-like winter day, a Valentine’s event has come back to Kobe Club after two years!
  I joined the St. Valentine’s Day Brunch with my wife Aya and 5-year-old daughter Nozomi.

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Events : Cheese Raclette "Afficionado"
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/4/2 18:00:00 (384 reads)

Saturday, January 30th

  At the end of January the now traditional Raclette dinner that was succesfully established some years ago by Andy Müller took place.
  Nowadays, in French, raclette is at the same time the name for a cheese with a quite strong taste (manger de la raclette)  and for a friendly gathering around said cheese (faire une raclette).

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