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Events : Christmas Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/2/3 16:18:37 (50 reads)

Saturday, December 25th

   The Christmas Dinner held on December 25th  was a great success with 38 people in attendance.
   Most everybody appeared wearing something red;  a red tie, a red dress or a Christmas scarf. Since I was one of the few without a Christmas color item,  one lady kindly gave me her cute snowman bag charm.

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Events : Scandinavian Christmas Smӧrgåsbord Dinner on New Members’ Night
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/2/3 16:14:43 (41 reads)

 Friday, December 11th

   The Christmas spirit got an early start at this Kobe Club annual tradition on December 11th.
   Being a relatively new member, this was my first experience at the event.  In fact, despite being very interested in various cuisines, I have not had the opportunity to try much Scandinavian food. Thus, I was really looking forward to the dinner. As with all evenings at the club, it certainly did not disappoint. When we arrived, the dining room was already full of familiar faces and anticipation of things to come.

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Events : Children’s Christmas Party
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/2/3 16:10:00 (36 reads)

Sunday, December 6th

Christmas Comes a Little Early at the Kobe Club.
   It's a Kobe Club tradition that Santa comes by the Kobe Club for a special visit before starting his annual worldwide tour on Christmas Eve. This year we heard he'd be there December 6th. The Club hall was tastefully decorated so he'd feel at home and the 48 big and 43 little guests were all waiting to welcome Santa.

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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2016/2/3 15:40:00 (34 reads)

Sunday, November 22nd

From Kabyle, Algeria to Kobe….with love

   On 22nd November 2015, the Kobe Club hosted Rachid Azzouz, an acclaimed Berber songwriter and musician who enthralled the capacity audience with an ancient culture and musical tradition, combined with the Club’s customary fine dining. Rachid, accompanied by musicians Christophe Boucheron, clarinettist, Lounes Bouali, guitarist, both from Paris, Masayuki Koike, bassist (Kobe), and Daniel Hart, percussionist (Nishi Akashi) presented two sets of songs that blended the poetry, melodies and rhythms of the thousand years old heritage of Grande Kabylie, located in Algeria. 

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Events : Children’s Halloween Party
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2015/12/2 17:19:35 (346 reads)

Sunday, October 25th

  This was our family’s first opportunity to attend the annual Kobe Club Halloween Party, and as we walked in, we were excited to see festive Halloween decorations, and smiling children and parents decked out in a wide range of creative costumes.  The total number of partygoers was 46 adults and 48 children.

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