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President : Message from the President
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2018/2/2 23:30:00 (343 reads)

Dear Kobe Club Members,
Happy New Year! I hope everyone and their families had a wonderful holiday season and is relaxed, recharged and ready for a spectacular 2018.

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Events : Children's Halloween Party
Posted by Tsukasa Yamaguchi on 2017/12/10 5:10:00 (995 reads)

Sunday, October 29th

How did Halloween become so popular in Japan?
A great Halloween event has come to Kobe Club again this year, and 38 children and 46 adults had a wonderful time.

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Events : Beauty and the Beast Gala
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/12/10 4:20:00 (616 reads)

Saturday, October 14th
One Enchanted Evening: the 2017 Presidents Ball

Once upon a time in a land not very far away, a beautiful club ourished amongst pruned pines in carefully tended gardens, with roses growing on the terrace.

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President : Message from the Preident
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2017/12/10 0:30:00 (242 reads)

Dear Kobe Club Members,
I hope that everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.
The monthly live music continues to entertain and provide a fantastic environment each and every time and the many wonderful cultural and dining events throughout the year were well attended, the food spectacular and great times were had by all.

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Events : Oktoberfest
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/11/3 6:10:00 (784 reads)

Saturday, September 16th

What has King Ludwig I of Bavaria to do with the Kobe Club?

When Ludwig I married the Princess Therese in 1810, he has the idea for the first Oktoberfest, which took place in Munich, and now, only a few years later, it came to the Kobe Club.

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