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Events : Souza Cup
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/11/3 6:00:00 (762 reads)

Saturday, September 2nd

On Saturday 2nd September , 24 Kobe Club /KRAC members assembled at Kobe Golf Club(Rokko-San) to compete for annual SOUZA CUP tournament.

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Events : Swiss Folk Music at the Kobe Club
Posted by Herbert Bucher on 2017/11/3 5:59:44 (738 reads)

Saturday, September 26th

When the Swiss Consulate asked me to organize a Swiss Folk Music concert in the Kansai region, it was clear to me that the Kobe Club was the perfect venue for it. Despite the concert taking place on a weekday, 80 people signed up for the event.

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Events : Clark Trophy Swimming Races
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2017/11/3 5:50:00 (544 reads)

Sunday, August 27th

August 27th was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for the annual Clark Trophy Swimming Races and for the children to show how much their swimming skills have improved over the summer. It was a nice time to catch up with friends at the end of the season, enjoy food and drinks at the poolside and of course watch the races!

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General Committee : Message from the Preident
Posted by Nathan Bryan on 2017/11/3 5:30:00 (484 reads)

Dear Kobe Club Members,
The cool winds of Autumn are here and the beautiful koyo colors are coming out. I hope everyone is enjoying the season. Autumn has always been one of my personal favorite seasons and Autumn at the Kobe Club is always spectacular.

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Events : Country & Western Night
Posted by Rick Brueggemann on 2017/9/6 22:30:00 (956 reads)

Saturday, July 29th

If youve never been to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, the Country &Western Night held recently at the Club presented a great opportunity to bask in a version of American culture one seldom encounters these days. For a few hours on Saturday, July 29 the Clubs main hall was transformed by the sounds of country music in the traditional styles of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and a host of country and western legends, as well as by the sight of dancers in traditional dress gliding elegantly and in perfect unison across the oor.

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