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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/2/28 1:00:00 (1209 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,

On behalf of the General committee I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! As we move into the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon, it is said to be a year of transformation, and one should expect immense changes. Whether or not these changes are positive, and that a prosperous year is ahead of you, all depends on how you ride the mighty Dragon.
As we reflect on this past year, it can be agreed upon that everyone in our community and the rest of Japan has faced great obstacles. The Great Tohoku Earthquake in March 11, 2011 that devastated regions in northern Japan, as Tsunamis swept through land ripping down buildings and tumbling cars in all directions. The earthquake also initiated a radiation leak from the nuclear plants and brought the country into a state of panic. In Kobe on Sept 3, 2011, the city was hit by a massive typhoon, which also caused damages to the clubs properties. Though part of the wall and the branches from our Himalayan trees had fallen onto the streets, we were very lucky that there were no casualties. Not to be forgotten was the passing away of our good friend and President in office Rainer Weiland who moved on in September of last year.

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Vice President : Message from the General Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2009/4/25 0:50:00 (1681 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,

  The Kobe Club AGM has just finished, rather in a very short session!
  It is unbelievable that a whole year passed since our 2008 AGM. At that time, and as rightfully stated in our President's yearly report, we were looking at a very good year.
  Little did we know or better to say, little did the world know what the future was hiding for everyone. In the last one year, notably since September 2008, the world has changed quite a lot, and one can even say that we live in a whole different world, unfortunately not as rosy as everyone wished it to be. But it is real and therefore, we should accept reality and most importantly, we must adjust to live in the new world.

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Vice President : Message from the General Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2007/12/22 0:10:00 (2143 reads)

Dear Fellow Members,

  Ever since Rick, our President, asked me to join his Committee as a Bar &Restaurant convener, I have enjoyed working with our Chef, Masatomi Kamiki and his team and our Chief Bartender, Freddie Kunimi and his staff. Without their dedication and efforts to serve our members this would not have been possible.
  As you probably know, the Kobe Club has members from 26 different nationalities, including our Japanese members, and all want to have at least some dishes that remind them of home served at the Club at some time or another. It is therefore a never-ending search for new menus, learning new ways of cooking, using different ingredients and spices. Some of our members have contributed their cooking skills to introduce to us new recipes, some time-honored ones handed down from their mother and/or grandmother, to enhance the Clubs recipe portfolio. Kamiki-san has diligently worked to create new dishes, based on these information, be the traditional dishes enhanced by different spices, or outright ethnic food, such as Mexican, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean dishes, to name just a few. The kitchen staff, under his guidance also creates absolutely delightful meals closer to Kamiki-sans training as a French Chef, including, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and naturally French food. You also know you can ask the Chef to make special food entirely for you and your party.

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Vice President : Interview with Tate-san
Posted by Catharina Asaba on 2006/9/18 0:40:00 (1618 reads)

  Tate-san first joined the Kobe Club as a part-timer in the role of typist in January 1971. Preparations were already underway for that years George Washington Society (GWS) Ball. Tate-san thought this was incredible, to be preparing for a party one-month in advance, to be applying this much effort for decorations, seating and other aspects of the party. Later, at the end of February, she watched as the 250 attendees entered the Club through a tunnel of sakura trees, sat down to a lovely dinner and danced the night away. She was truly impressed at the size and style of this - her first Club event. It started that quickly after her joining the Club staff and would continue for the next 35 years!

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