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For Public : From the Former Editor of the SPOTLIGHT
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/4/22 3:50:00 (1516 reads)

Since I took over the SPOTLIGHT editorial responsibility in 1990, Ive worked with 10 different Presidents who were the Publishers of the Kobe Club publication. Each President had a different management style, but their objectives were shared for the betterment of the Club at present and for the future. They all aimed very hard to make this Club a pleasant enjoyable place for its Members, their families and guests. My goal as the Editor was to support their efforts, help communications between the General Committee and the Members, enhance communications among the Members and promote the Kobe Club throughout the international community in Kansai. My effort may not have been perfect, but I hope it contributed to making this Club a better place for many.

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For Public : Donations for Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster Relief
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/7/16 1:00:00 (2155 reads)

Donations for Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster Relief

Company Name

Member Name





- Platinum -

PrivateMr. Hans - Otto Nagel1,000,000
Anmol Gems Ltd.Mr. Shailesh Shah500,000
Taprogge Japan Co., Ltd.Mr. Paul Gardner300,000
AURO TECH CO., LTD.Mr. Shivaprasad Nemani201,000
Hayashi ClinicMr. Francis Wei-Jen Lin200,000
Toll JapanMr. Neil Pollington/ Mr. James Irving200,000

- Gold -

K.K. TextraMr. Rainer Weiland100,000
Mind Fund Ltd. 100,000
AAA CorporationMr. Mohan Gulrajani100,000
NorthStar Quality &Security Inc.Mr. William Foran100,000
Debs CorporationMr. Imad Ramadan100,000
Hakutaka HonpoMr. Kazuo Inoue100,000
Matsuoka Fudohsan Co., Ltd.Mr. Michio Matsuoka100,000
Tani Yoshinori Law OfficeMr. Yoshinori Tani100,000
The China &Japan Marine Industries Ltd.Mr. Hiromasa Sai100,000
PrivateMrs. Kayo Fujimoto100,000
PrivateMrs. Akemi Ackermann100,000
Kataoka ClinicMr. &Mrs. Lawrence Scott100,000

- Silver -

PrivateMr. Pradip Jhaveri50,000
PrivateMr. Kinoshita50,000
PrivateMr. Hikasa60,000

- Others -

Charity BoxSub-Total102,700
ANZAC Day Raffle SalesSub-Total


ANZAC Day Bake SalesSub-Total19,000
Charity Concert 


Charity Concert Donation 83,300
As of June 12th, 2011TOTAL


The General Committee thanks everyone who generously contributed to the disaster relief.
The campaign for the fund remains open, and contributions can be made throughtheKobe Club office.


Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2007/7/8 2:10:00 (4324 reads)

Saturday, April 21st

  The St. George's Society Annual Ball, "David Beckham's Golden Ball", was held at the Kobe Club, as always, on Saturday, April 21st. An enjoyable night of excellent food, plenty of drinks, and all-night dancing - to The Tardy Boys - was had by all.
  After the pre-dinner cocktails had oiled the system, the assembled throng were "moved along" into the Ballroom by Detective Inspector Drews and Town Crier Bowell, and were received by MC Steve Brown, who introduced the welcome speech - from President, Alan Gibson - in complete David Beckham "uniform", a reply on behalf of the guests by HM Consul General Chris Stuart, and the loyal toasts, from Phil Bowell (to the Emperor) and Baron Okabe (to the Queen).

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