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Dining : Asparagus Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2014/7/8 6:19:08 (1410 reads)

Friday, May 9th
  Asparagus, a member of the lily family, has delighted many a royal palate since the Middle Ages. Louis XVI liked it so much that he called it the "King of Vegetables".
  Chef Kamiki and his team have excelled again with the Asparagus Dinner tradition that was started by late President Rainer Weiland. This year, select premium asparagus from Peru and Kagawa (north east corner of Shikoku) were the highlights of a 7-course meal that was delicate yet rich and delicious!

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Dining : Valentine's Day Brunch
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/4/21 3:00:00 (1604 reads)

Sunday, February 12th

    It was a cold yet heart-warming day as family members and lovers sat down to brunch concocted by the master, Chef Kamiki. The heart-shaped canapés (not to mention the decorations on each table) not only captured our attention, but our hearts as well.
    The wait in the buffet line was worth it—the wakasagi escabeche and the kanburi roll with myoga and perilla leaf drew you magnetically back to the table, notwithstanding the waistline-concious.
   As if that were not enough, the oyster gratin and yuzu-flavored scallop flan reminded you that this year’s Valentine’s was right here in the land of the rising sun. One almost (especially yours truly) felt guilty to finally dig into the beef pie. This sumptuous, culinary display left you wondering whether your first Valentine’s date could’ve been as satisfying.
   "Love is not two people gazing at each other, but two people looking ahead together in the same direction." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery) Yes, all eyes were riveted on the buffet table! As always, the superb service of our excellent Kobe Club staff couldn’t have made the event more successful—the Kitano Terrace was bustling with excitement.

- Sheila Malkani


Dining : Christmas Eve Dinner
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/2/27 23:30:00 (1467 reads)

Saturday, December 24th

   Merry Christmas to all KC members and the wonderful Staff.
   This year, we decided to join the Kobe Club’s Christmas Eve Dinner. We were 12 people in our group and were seated at the table near the window. Since it was my birthday month, the Club was kind enough to let me claim my wine bottle on this day!
   The dinner event was a full house and everyone was having a good time wining and dining. We can always count on Chef Kamiki’s gourmet choices. Everyone was dressed up and enjoying the Kobe Club’s festive atmosphere in the dining room. At the end of the dinner, I was surprised to receive a “Happy Birthday” dessert from the KC. That is what the KC is all about. The personal touches they extend to their members makes each one of us feel at home and special ! Thank you KC for your kindness and hospitality. With best wishes for the New Year!

- Kumar Chugani


Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/2/27 22:40:00 (1519 reads)

Friday, December 9th

   There was a Christmas tree in every room, the entrance hall, the lobby, the bar and the dining room when we arrived for the seafood tapas and roast beef dinner on Friday, December 9th, but there was no one in the bar. Small wonder – the buffet table in the dining room was brimming and everyone had gathered there eager to sample Chef Kamiki’s fare. The office staff had also decorated the dining tables with sea blue tissue paper and glass, and there were silver balls hanging all around.
   In the buffet line-up were marinated herrings and bell pepper, crab and avocado cocktail, tomato canapés, scallop flan, grilled squid with lemon confit, spicy shrimp, pan-fried white fish, baked oysters and simmered vegetables. It was hard to leave room for the roast beef and horseradish. It was good to see all the tables occupied, while table hopping guests and seasonal decorations provided a warm atmosphere on the first really blustery night of winter.

- Heather Mallett


Dining : Roasted Turkey & Autumn Buffet
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/2/27 21:40:00 (1254 reads)

Saturday, November 19th

   On Saturday, November 19, members and friends gathered at the Kobe Club to celebrate Thanksgiving! I’m sure everyone who attended can agree that it was very festive!
   Chef Kamiki-san and his culinary team prepared an exquisite buffet reveling the autumn season with mouth-watering dishes ranging from rainbow roll sushi to roasted turkey, to baked oysters, to white fish, and many other appetizing platters. The seasonal decoration on every table and around the room added a distinctive zest to the holiday season. Watching adults and children alike enjoying their time together and savoring each and every dish with a smile on their faces warmed the ambiance of the night. Also, Chef Kamiki-san planned a surprise for us by preparing a very special dessert platter, a work of art some might say! The tray was filled with all the succulent desserts you can dream of, including tarts, mini cakes, cookies, candies, and more, all symbolizing crop fields during the harvest season. If you have a sweet tooth, it was divine!
   After dinner we all moved to the bar area and mingled with our friends. It was a memorable evening enjoyed by all! It was our pleasure to see many members and their friends having a fun time together at the Club! Imad and I are truly thankful for having enjoyed such an unforgettable night!

- Rola Ramadan


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