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General Committee : Message from the General Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2012/5/17 1:11:16 (1639 reads)

  As your newly appointed Bar &Mess convener, I decided to begin by better acquainting myself with my new boss Chef Kamiki. So one afternoon he kindly agreed to sit with me and talk a little about himself.

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General Committee : Message from the General Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/12/27 6:00:00 (1128 reads)

Typhoon Tala:
  On September 3rd the Club was hit by typhoon Tala which caused havoc in the Middle Parking Lot. Several heavy branches were broken off the Himalayan Fir tree, and some of the branches fell on the parapet towards Toa Road, causing a segment to crumble and fall down about 4 meters. There were no personal injuries.
  The wall and parapet are about 120 years old. The parapet has been deteriorating over the years, and discussions on how best to renovate it have been going for some time. Tala did put this to the fore. The wall is designated a cultural asset, and the parapet is of a unique construction - an adobe core encased in cement. The construction method is not practiced anymore, and trying to rebuild the original design with modern materials is prohibitively expensive. Wherefore, the Club took in bids for fitting of a fence on top of the wall with a design that would blend in with the walls history.

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General Committee : Message from the Transition Sub-Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/11/23 2:30:00 (1712 reads)

"Ensuring our Future"

  The Transition Sub-Committee of the Kobe Club has been meeting since last year with Sakuma-sensei of Yamada Consulting who are specialists in helping organizations like ours to prepare on multiple fronts in order to meet the requirements of the Japanese Government for receiving a specific status as an officially recognized non-profit, non-governmental organization.
  To put this in context, it must be understood that the Japanese Government has changed the laws to make it much harder for non-profit and non-governmental organizations to continue with all their government sanctioned privileges. There were just too many entities being created to become a receptacle for Amakudari the practice whereby well connected and high ranking officials from Government or Big Business would be given a high paying post-retirement position in a foundation or other type of non-profit or non-governmental organization. This is all well and good, but unfortunately the Kobe Club and other very well established organizations and clubs with long illustrious histories like our own that have never been used as receptacles for Amakudari have nevertheless been caught in the cross hairs of these new government laws and regulations.

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General Committee : Poolside Renovation Completed at End-March
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/5/14 4:10:00 (1318 reads)

  As mentioned in the Spotlight February/March issue, the area around our pool was deteriorating over the years with shifting soil and poor drainage, which resulted in washing away of soil under certain parts of the walkway around the pool and a slight tilting of the pool.
  The repairs commented on February 15th, two days after the rubble of the old pavement was cleared. Then the laying of the new drain pipes began in the East South and West sides of the pool, connecting them to the cisterns. The pipe trench was filled in with soil and soil stabilizer, finely crushed stone, and then compacted.

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General Committee : Message from the General Committee
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2011/2/15 3:00:00 (1348 reads)

Dear Fellow Members:

  Our Club has been on this historical site since the inauguration ball in December 1955. This is the location of the former Tor Hotel which burned to the ground in 1950. The facilities have been gradually improved by adding a swimming pool in 1956 and a squash court with adjoining changing rooms later on.
  Our Club has over time had various venues under its roof to cater to the changing membership's needs/requirements. Some of these were a Stag Bar, a Sports Bar with a pool table and an open brick grill alongside the pool. These are all part of history now, together with the squash court changing rooms, which were damaged during the earthquake in 1995 and the remains were disposed of. Instead, we now have the Gazebo and the catering enclosure at the Pool, a Kids' Room and a Gym in the basement.
  The Club is designated as a "landmark" and as such there are some restrictions/rules for what we can and cannot do, with regard to external alterations to existing structures. Any construction or painting of same, any alteration or color change of external structures must first be carried out after consultation with Kobe City. The Himalayan fir trees in the middle parking lot as well as the other old trees are the responsibility of the Club, and any actions in relation to these must first be approved.

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