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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2010/9/12 1:10:00 (1565 reads)

My Dear Fellow Members,

  I hope each one of you had a great summer holiday, wherever you were and whatever you did.
  As the summer heat eases, we are stepping slowly into the fall season. The end of August signals the return of many of you to Kobe, the opening of the international schools and the increase of the social activities in our community and consequently at the Kobe Club.
  After the abundant rain during rainy season this year, Kobe went through an unusual hot and humid summer. Combined with the summer holidays, the various committees at the Kobe Club went into a break but only after they had planned a variety of events to welcome you back to Kobe and to your Club.

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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2010/4/7 4:10:00 (1618 reads)


Dear Fellow Members,
  Each Member of the Kobe Club receives the Spotlight Magazine on a regular basis and on the inside of the cover is a list of the Members serving on the General Committee (GC).  Just what is the General Committee and what do they do?  This question may be asked by newer Members who would like to know more about how the Kobe Club operates and why a General Committee is necessary.
  In a nut shell those who serve on the GC are your representatives because as a Member you are part owners of the Kobe Club. Serving on the GC is done strictly on a volunteer basis. The primary compensation is by serving the Club and representing you in overseeing the administration of the Club and its activities.

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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2010/2/6 3:10:00 (1924 reads)

Dear Fellow Members:

PIC or GNC? (or The Effect of Regulatory Changes on our Club’s Legal Status and Operations)
Over a year has passed since new laws regulating private sector non-profit activities have come into force. Whereas ‘public interest’ and ‘mutual benefit’ associations and foundations were previously lumped together under a system rooted in the Civil Code and dating back to the Meiji Era, the new regulations draw a clear line between non-profits engaged primarily in activities benefiting the general public and those pursuing other interests. (‘Public interest’ status basically requires allocating 50% or more of an organization’s expenses to public benefit activities).

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Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2009/12/29 23:20:00 (1703 reads)

  As Rainer asked me to write the article for this Spotlight publication I asked, "What topic?" His reply was simply “It’s up to you.” I thought about it for a few days and still had writer’s block. All too often, we lose sight of the obvious. Then I attended the Autumn Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting event on November 7th, Saturday evening. I watched the Kobe Club Staff flawlessly perform for the members and guests as if in an orchestra. They did not miss a note. And the topic became abundantly clear. It is about the staff silly. You need to introduce or re-introduce as the case may be, the staff to the members.
  The Events Conveners and I help with idea generation, scheduling and some of the upfront arrangements. It does take a little of our time, but this is all superficial in comparison to the planning and execution by our dedicated, professional staff led by Executive Chef Kamiki, Jimmy and Freddie.

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General Committee : Kobe Club 140th Anniversary Ball
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2009/11/21 1:50:00 (2373 reads)

Saturday, Oct. 3rd

   Fatigue lined the faces of the passengers as they gazed over the railings at the shores of Awaji and the calm expanse of Osaka Bay beyond. As they gathered up their belongings and prepared to disembark, the glint of hope in their eyes belied the doubts that gnawed at their hearts.
   The year was 1868, and today we know these adventurous men and women went on to build homes and livelihoods and eventually organize themselves into a vibrant community. But it was during the early days of uncertainty and hardship that the seeds of what would later be known as the Kobe Club were sewn. And despite the challenges that later generations would face, our Club stands proudly today as a beacon to those who put faith in the notion that people of different creeds, culture and political persuasion can interact in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect.

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