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Events : Holstein Cup & Mrs. Okahashi Ladies Cup
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/7/19 0:30:00 (788 reads)

Saturday, May 27th

On 27th of May 2017 we held our traditional annual events the Holstein Cup and the Ladies Okahashi Cup.

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Events : Rose Garden Brunch with Photo Exhibition by Mr. P. Mallett
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/7/19 0:30:00 (827 reads)

Sunday, May 14th

Those of you who were not at the Rose Garden Brunch, you have missed another wonderful day at the Kobe Club. Peter and Heather Mallett photographic presentation of their trip to Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a focus on Oman along with Omani artifacts. Adding to the experience was the aroma of incense and to make the experience complete, a Middle Eastern buffet awaited us on the Terrace.

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Events : Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt
Posted by Kobe Club staff on 2017/7/19 0:10:00 (635 reads)

Sunday, April 16th

I grew up in the United States, and I look back fondly to my childhood and the holidays that we celebrated with friends and family. In particular, my favorite holidays were Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. And out of those three, I felt that Easter was the most lighthearted and child-friendly. I truly enjoyed running around with the other kids searching for Easter eggs hidden throughout the hill in our backyard.

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Events : Kobe Club Ski Trip 2017
Posted by Ketan Chaudhari on 2017/5/4 5:50:00 (920 reads)

Friday - Tuesday, March 17th - 21st

After 8 years Kobe Club has revived its annual ski trip this year to Furano, Hokkaido on March 17th to 21st. In planning any skiing trip, the greatest challenge for the Club is getting participation and natures blessing of good snow on the slopes. Fortunately, we were blessed with excellent weather and great company.

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Events : Kobe Club Spring / Summer Collection Fashion Show with Champagne Brunch
Posted by Peter Mallett on 2017/5/4 5:30:00 (1425 reads)

Sunday, April 2nd

Move over, Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell, youre out of a job. Who needs Heidi Klum when you have Hanna Martina Moriguchi,
Eva Spanring-Forster, Yoshiko Fujita, Ayami Kobayashi, Naoyo Kagawa, Sumie Bucher, Naomi Hikasa and Kavita Shah?

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