New Members' Night & Beer Garden

Date 2011/9/8 5:20:00 | Topic: Events

Friday, August 12th

†† The summer heat was at its peak with super high humidity. The Kobe Club members, both existing and newly joining members, were treated with a series of tasty cool and hot dishes. The Bar and the Dining Room were filled with lively conversations and laughing voices.
†† Ranging from green cold noodle with summer vegetables, cold been curd, thin crispy spring roll sticks to Yakitori, Oden and grilled prawn, the foods were comfortably light for the stomach yet delicious. Many ladies enjoyed going back to the buffet table to savor the summer delicacies. Beer and wines accompanied the variety of food.
†† Some members were just back in Kobe from their summer trips while some were still getting ready to take off soon. In the midst of the steamy summer, the Kobe Club and its refreshing pools present the members with a cool oasis. So, letís lift a toast for the pleasant healthy summer and extend thanks to the chef &his team!

- Editing Sub-Committee

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