Autumn Gibier Dinner

Date 2014/2/4 22:30:00 | Topic: Events

Saturday, November 9th

  With the chilly wind feeling comfortable for us, indicating that the long awaited autumn has finally come after the extraordinary hot summer, the “Gibier Dinner” was held on Saturday, November 9th.
  As much as we consider autumn weather pleasant, the animals appreciate this season, eating up abundant fruits and delights to prepare for hibernation during the long winter, consequently making gibier best for us to taste at this time of year.
  The six dishes were made up on a perfect balance of fish and meat, including plentyautumn pleasures we can have in Japan such as sea urchin, EZO venison, and autumn eggplant, not only gibier airlifted from France.  Everyone was literally “amazed” by the amuse, smoked SANMA and snow crab tartar on eschalot.

  The highlight, roast pheasant (hen) came as main dish, along with endive compote and chestnut covered with truffle sauce. Chef Sakai, in charge of this dinner on behalf of Head Chef Kamiki, said it was difficult to deal with pheasants to cook with their feather and heads still on the individual since it was his first time.
  The guests were surprised at Chef Sakai’s skill when tasting the first bite of roast pheasants to have not the slightest sense of brutish smell left on the dish.
  Don’t forget the dessert! Chef Takahashi did a marvelous job with the theme “ringo-zukushi”, using apples of all kinds and describing autumn beautifully
  As I was enjoying the dishes, the words from a movie I’ve just seen on that day a few hours ago crossed my mind by serendipity. It is from “Last Holiday”(2006), when a famous French chef featuring Gerard Depardieu remarks a woman, Queen Latifah about life :
  “ The poor baby turnips. Nobody likes them, you know? Of course, life is easy if you are a truffle or a shiitake mushroom. But the turnip is to be loved because she’s a self-made woman of vegetables. All the others you can only destroy with cooking. But the turnip, she gets better. So, you see, it’s not how you start but how you finish.”
  Ingredients like gibier could easily be destroyed with cooking. Thanks to our talented chefs of Kobe Club for their great skills and challenging spirit to realize Gibier Dinner for the first time.
- Aya Takahara

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